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FandiX-Modul 1: Terra - Utopische Romane (2. Auflage) 2.5

FandiX-Modul 1: Terra - Utopische Romane (2. Auflage) 2.5

Screenshots of FandiX-Modul 1: Terra - Utopische Romane (2. Auflage)

FandiX-Modul 1: Terra - Utopische Romane (2. Auflage) Publisher's Description

FandiX is an encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction-literature on CD-ROM. This encyclopedia is built up in modules which are linked with each other. The handling of FandiX is very easy and it offers all covers, informations and a lot of functions and possibilities to print, edit, and generate statistics. This is the first module: ?Terra ? Utopische Romane?. Worth knowing and oddities of ?Terra ? Utopische Romane?: The series of ?Terra ? Utopische Romane? had been published for 12 years, from 1957 to 1968. All in all it contains 555 titles. The publisher tried to come up to different inclinations. The first hundred titels were reprintings of ?lending books? of most popular and productive German, Anglo-American and British authors like K.H. Scheer, Wolf Detlef Rohr, J.E. Wells, E.C. Tubb, Henry Kenneth Bulmer, and A.E. van Vogt, just to mention some of them. In the beginning sixties new authors were discovered as Kurt Mahr and Hans Kneifel, later on H.G. Ewers and William Voltz, who should do their way at Perry Rhodan. Terra published SF-adventures usually. The level of that material was higher than that published by the competing series Utopia Zukunft. The publisher promoted German talents but he also tried to present the work of famous Americans, for example Jack Williamson, Philip K. Dick, and Fredric Brown. No. 87 is the rarest of all 555 issues. The legend tells that half of the edition has been destroyed by an accident during delivery. But it is fact that this novel as well as no. 63 had been indicated as ?endangering youth. A special surprise is the CD-ROM of Terra, the beginning of a new series which will excite collectors and other interested persons in SF. (Rolf Bingenheimer Well known German Science Fiction and Fantasy expert)

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